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Special Feature for our 100th Post!

Picture of Jeanne Beker giving speech.

Jeanne commends Izzy for her efforts explaining, “Izzy represents heart.”

How fitting that the Royal Ontario Museum’s centennial year’s special Fashion Follows Form: Designs for Sitting exhibition coincides perfectly with AccessTO’s centennial post! This exhibit displays pieces from iconic Canadian fashion designer Izzy Camilleri’s IZ Adaptive collection which was designed… for a seated, L-shaped body! The exhibit is displayed along side 18th and 19th century fashions which were designed to be worn while seated on horseback. Dr. Alexandra Palmer, curator, invites visitors of the exhibit to ponder “the role fashion  plays in our daily lives as well as the historical relationship between fashion and function.”  Honorary chairs of the exhibit include Fashion Television Channel’s host Jeanne Beker and Toronto Star reporter and spinal cord injury activist Barbara Turnbull.

Picture of Izzy Camilleri giving her speech.

Izzy asks “How can I design for people with so many different needs?”

The story behind Izzy’s creation of this fashion line is a touching one. Prior to Izzy’s launch of the IZ Adaptive collection in 2009, Barbara Turnbull approached Izzy in the hopes she could create a shearling cape that would drape properly while she was seated in her wheelchair. After completing this piece for Barbara, Izzy came to a realization that there were many people who would have similar issues and would therefore be in need of accessible clothing. Thus, the collection was born! Whether you have a physical disability or not, this exhibit speaks to everyone and needs to be supported.

The IZ Adaptive line can be viewed at Izzy’s store in the Junction or online at The Royal Ontario Museum’s exhibit runs from June 21, 2014-January 25, 2015.

Here’s a few images from my visit to entice you further:

Picture of mannequins wearing wedding attire.



Picture of mannequin in blue shirt sitting down.





Picture of mannequin wearing blue skirt sitting down.


Picture of a sketch of a man.

Picture of a mannequin wearing a beige trench coat.




One thought on “Special Feature for our 100th Post!

  1. Izzy made a winter coat for me which I love and even better she made my existing jackets which I could not wear anymore into two pieces with a zip up the back which doesn’t show in my wheelchair [and is comfortable.]


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